Each year as college football bowl games conclude, the top players from around the nation descend on Southern California to begin the next major challenge in their athletic career: training for the professional football combine. Performing at the combine can make or break the chances for these young men to fulfill their childhood dream of playing in the National Football League.* These individuals hail as all-stars from their respective collegiate powerhouse teams with the same goal in mind – to be drafted.

Herbalife Nutrition has worked closely with ProActive Sports for over three years to help optimize this elite program through sports nutrition led by Dana Ryan, Ph.D., M.A. – Director, Sports Performance and Education.

Dr. Dana meets with each player before they start training to determine what their caloric needs are to achieve their weight and body composition goals. It is a close collaboration between the ProActive trainers, agents, the chef and Dr. Dana. They meet weekly to monitor and discuss each player’s journey.

They make sure that whether the athlete needs to lose or gain weight, their performance never suffers. Dr. Dana checks in with the athletes frequently to monitor their well-being throughout the process.

This year, Dr. Dana is working closely with six athletes that make up the Herbalife24 Draft Class.

*Herbalife Nutrition is not affiliated with the NFL or any of the colleges mentioned in the article.

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